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The Amazing Race 2001

The Amazing Race

7.60 HD 2001 na min
The fifth season of The Amazing Race saw 11 teams race for $1,000,000 around the globe to 'amazing' locations including Uruguay, Argentina, Russia, Egypt, Tanzania, the United Arab Emirates, India, New Zealand, the Philippines and Canada. The teams included identical blonde twins, bowling moms, dating models, a former Miss Teen USA, pizzeria owners, a former Big Brother star, and a dwarf. However only the fastest were able to make it all the way and win the cash prize, and after 29 days of competitiveness, stress and excitement, it was African-American couple Chip and Kim. One new twist introduced was the "yield," which a team could use once at any time to slow down someone behind them. The "yield" was only used once, by Chip and Kim to slow down Colin and Christine whilst in the Philippines.
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