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Virus 1999


5.00 HD 1999 99 min
The space station MIR is communicating with the Russian research vessel Vladislav Volkov, when the astronauts witness a surge of energy coming to Earth, killing them at the station and reaching the ship, attacking the captain, officers and crew. The tugboat Sea Star is towing a barge with cargo not covered by insurance when she crosses a typhoon and loses the cargo. The alcoholic Captain Robert Everton is informed that the engine room is flooded and the bilge pump does not have enough capacity to pump all the water overboard. Captain Everton is ready to commit suicide when the tug stumbles upon the Russian vessel and he believes the salvage would worth about thirty-million dollars. Captain Everton and his crew goes onboard of the dead ship considering derelict and soon they find the Russian officer Nadia, who tells an incredible story. She explains that an alien force needs electrical power to build robots and destroy the human race, but they believe she is haywire. But soon they find the threat on board.
7.4 of 63