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Underground 1995


8.10 HD 1995 167 min
Three specific times periods in the life and/or showing the personal and geopolitical legacies of Belgradian friends Petar Popara - more affectionately referred to as Blacky - and Marko Dren are presented: during WWII from 1941 to 1944, 1941 when the Nazis started bombing Belgrade; 1961 during the height of the Cold War; and near the start of the Yugolav Wars in 1992. The thing that both men have in common is their love for their homeland and their opportunism in looking out for themselves. They each will just as easily sacrifice himself to help the other as they are to sacrifice the other to suit their own need at a given time. The one constant through these phases of their friendship is the fact that they, shortly after the start of the Nazi bombing in Belgrade, have hidden a number of their friends and family in Marko grandfather's cellar to escape capture from the Nazis. The cellar is converted into a munitions factory, those living there making it their mission to make weapons to defeat the Nazis. Marko and Blacky, who have continued to live above ground "to do their part" to end the war, are living a separate life from the others, they who do not mention to those underground when the war has ended, leading to their continued life underground for their own safety, while in reality the world continues on without them, they who end up being listed as casualties of the bombing. Those affected by Marko and Blacky's actions include: Vera, Blacky's headstrong wife; Natalija Zovkov, an ethnic Russian actress who both men fall in love with; Jovan, the first child born in the cellar; Ivan, Marko's brother who is an animal keeper at the Belgrade Zoo when the bombing starts; and Soni, a chimpanzee Ivan saves from the zoo.
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