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The Wrong Student 2017

The Wrong Student

5.30 HD 2017 86 min
Former professional soccer star Dominic, whose career ended in injury, took a job as Californian high school coach and organizes private weekend tutoring, to the vicious jealousy of the grumpy girls coach Gibson nobody cares for. He soon dates businesswoman Kelly Halligan, who moved from New York to start a firm and dragged along her orphaned, shy nerd niece Amber. Her pushy classmate Maddie Sawyer, an emancipated orphan, clearly has the hots for Dominic, and won't accept his professional refusal to risk an illegal affair, even if he were interested. Dominic's shy student assistant Riley Jones warns incredulous Maddie, but is fatally stabbed, while Gibson is poisoned comatose. The police must race to catch the common factor killer before she strikes again, ruining ever more lives without gaining anything.
6.5 of 19