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Snow Bride 2013

Snow Bride

6.80 HD 2013 84 min
Greta Kaine and Wesley Sharp, rival gossip reporters at an L.A. tabloid, are promised a promotion for the first to get to the bottom of rumors about the late US senator Tannenhill's family preparing for a mystery wedding in their winter retreat at Big Bear. While Wes goes about it normally, Greta rushes off unprepared, having abandoned family wedding preparations, and ends up in the ski resort with car trouble, wearing only the wedding dress, soiled by falling over seeking to reach the nearest building. Dripping and frozen, she's picked up by a kind gentleman, whom she soon realizes is not the caretaker of the Tannenhill estate but sensible son Ben, destined for politics, who enjoys the anonymous calm, so she poses as a nobody. The pair soon gets attracted while he presents her to the widow Maggie and his surprise-visiting brother, investment broker Jared Tannenhill, who presents as his fiancee Ben's gold-digger ex, Claire Sinclaire, who discovers Greta' identity shortly after the real caretaker, the family's surrogate father figure Peters, does. Experiencing how nice and normal the Tannenhills are, complete with charitable traditions, she hesitates to publish this extraordinary scoop--with a surprising reward.
6.5 of 75