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Sing 2016


7.10 HD 2016 108 min
Refusing to forsake his father's once-glorious theatre, Buster Moon, a slightly delusional showman, finds himself in dire straits when he sees the ticket sales rapidly decline. However, is he as hopeless as he seems? Fortunately, in one of those spur-of-the-moment decisions, the visionary's mind will give birth to a simple, yet fantastic idea to save his business that no one would be able to resist: a singing competition. Now, every sunny daydreamer in town gets a chance to shine--and as the word of a $100.000 grand prize spreads like wildfire, causing a big commotion in the city--the stage is set for the ultimate musical showdown. From tiny, yet overconfident alto saxophonists to heavenly voiced but bashful soloists, anybody can dream big; after all, all creatures--great and small--are welcome to compete in the Moon Theatre.
7.3 of 5382