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No Mercy 1986

No Mercy

5.70 SD 1986 106 min
Eddie Jillette and Joey Collins are partnered Chicago detectives working largely undercover. While on a drug stakeout, they learn of a contracted hit to take place in New Orleans, the actual target unknown. The contracted hit becomes personal for Eddie who travels to New Orleans to investigate. His primary lead is the wealthy southern Deveneux family, Paul Deveneux who was going to contract the hit but got killed supposedly by his intended target in Chicago. When the Deveneuxs prove uncooperative, Eddie turns to his only other lead, a blonde named Michel Duval who was Paul's companion in Chicago. While Eddie is able to track down Michel, NOPD learn that Eddie is town, they who make him unwelcomed in the city. But worse, Deveneux's intended target, a man named Losado, also knows Eddie is in town and he and his henchmen know who he is. This begins a game of cat and mouse between Eddie and Losado, with Michel caught in the middle, often as the pawn and often as the bargaining chip, as Eddie learns largely from Michel the connection between Deveneux, Losado and her, and as Eddie and Michel seem to be falling for each other.
7.1 of 35