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Love, Again 2015

Love, Again

6.00 HDRip 2015 83 min
Those that have ever met them believe that Chicago-based Chloe and David Baker, despite their obvious differences, are the perfect couple, those someones including their daughter, Amanda Baker. That's why Amanda, upon announcing that she and her boyfriend Jeremy Hoffbrauer are getting married, wants to mirror the wedding and her marriage on her parents. Due to circumstances, that wedding will take place in one week from the time they make that announcement, with only his parents and her parents in attendance, it to be held at a seaside resort in Camden, Maine where the Bakers had spent a memorable and for Chloe and David a romantic vacation fifteen years ago. While Chloe and David once did love each other, they, after twenty-five years of marriage, have drifted apart in focusing largely on their respective jobs - Chloe as a divorce lawyer, and David who has just started his own web design and management company, he currently searching for investors - and are planning on separating probably leading to divorce. Chloe and David decide to present the façade of a happily married couple for the week in not telling Amanda or anyone else about their impending break-up so as not to ruin the wedding. As Chloe and David go through the motions of the wedding preparation at the resort in Camden, they will either be further torn apart as their fundamental differences are even more exposed, or be brought back together in remembering the happier times and what made them fall in love in the first place.
6.3 of 62