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For Your Eyes Only 1981

For Your Eyes Only

6.70 HD 1981 127 min
When a British spy ship, which is in Greece, is accidentally sunk, the British are concerned that a piece of hardware on-board the ship can be used against them. So they need to find it. So to make sure no one knows that they are looking for it, they ask a renowned oceanographer to try and locate the ship. But before he could submit his report, he's killed by the charter pilot who brought his daughter and wife to see him. The daughter gives a description and it's discovered the pilot is actually an assassin, so James Bond is sent to find out who hired him. But Bond is caught and is nearly killed, but the assassin is killed by an arrow. Bond uses the confusion to escape and discovers the one who killed the assassin; the daughter. They escape and Bond returns, and is not greeted warmly because he failed to find out who hired the assassin. But Bond informs his superiors that before the assassin was killed, someone paid him. So Bond thinks if he finds out who he is, he will find out who hired the assassin. Bond discovers who the man is and that he's in Italy, so Bond goes, and when his contact is killed, he finds something that he shows to a Greek businessman who helps him, and he tells Bond that it's the symbol of a smuggler, so Bond sets out to find him. Later, Bond sees the daughter is there and when he asks her why is she is there, she says he sent her a telegram, but Bond says he didn't send it. He tells her to go back to her father's ship and wait for him. Bond then cozies up to the mistress of the smuggler to find out what he can. But when they are attacked and the woman is killed, Bond is knocked out by men of the smuggler. He is taken to him, who tells Bond that he is not the one he should be focusing on.
8.1 of 84