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A Matter of Size 2009

A Matter of Size

6.90 HD 2009 90 min
Tipping the scales at 155 kilograms, thirty-five year old Herzl, who still lives with his widowed mother Mona in Ramle, Israel, has always been overweight and discriminated against because of it. A newly minted chef, he quits his job at a restaurant rather than take the reassignment to a kitchen job from front of the house, that reassignment because his obesity offends the customers. He belongs to a weight loss group, whose unfeeling leader, Geula, kicks him out of the group because he isn't losing weight, which she believes affects the perception of her business as being effective. Even Mona doesn't like "fat" people, the way her overweight husband died when Herzl was a child which has scarred her for life. Herzl is able to get another job washing dishes at a newly opened Japanese restaurant in town. Based on comments by his new colleagues, Herzl decides to start a sumo wrestling club as a means to gain some self-esteem by embracing his weight in a healthier way, with his boss, Kintaro, the trainer, a job which he did back in Japan. Talking Kintaro into doing this is more difficult than Herzl expects, that difficulty based on the supposed reason Kintaro left sumo wrestling and Japan. Herzl or any of his other recruits, all friends from the weight loss group, gaining that self-esteem may not happen based on other issues in their respective lives. Married Ahron, a plumber, suspects his wife Dina is having an affair and if she is is because of his weight. Gidi, a shwarma stand owner, is deep in the closet, afraid not only of coming out but the reaction of other gay men to him as an overweight person. Sammy, a video journalist, wants to work on projects of interest to him rather than what is assigned to him. But most importantly might be social worker Zehava, the only female among the five and Herzl's new girlfriend, whose skin may not be as thick as she likes to make people believe it is.
7.9 of 11